the ‘-’ in ‘uh-oh’

Doing that ling thing to get the ling bling.

Oct 20



How do linguists not cackle maniacally all the time and plot a new word order?

linguistics is a real science and you can be an evil mad linguist if you want

Oct 19

Somehow a post I made years ago of a transcription of the chorus from “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers is getting a lot of notes all of a sudden?!

instead of “grammar nazi” i like to use “word police” because


  1. it’s less offensive but
  2. still implies that their motivations are rooted in classism and racism

tiikerikani replied to your post “it gives me pause whenever i want to abbreviate a word in written…”

I insist on reading “soc” as “sock” and not “soush” because my brain refuses to make that jump

I used to be that way, too. I remember taking an intro to sociology course, and in my head, I pronounced SOC like sock, and my mind was blown when people around me said /soʊʃ/.


luv how homophones only become a “problem” when one of them is a non-standard usage

(via lesserjoke)

it gives me pause whenever i want to abbreviate a word in written text, but then the pronunciation of the abbreviation is not clear through the letters

like soc /soʊʃ/ for sociology

and us /juʒ/ for usual


it’s funny how white people rip all of the words they like from AAVE and then bash people who speak AAVE for speaking dialect that they were raised speaking?? 

Oct 18

allthingslinguistic replied to your post “Link me to every linguistics-and-related blog you know, go, pls and thank.”

haha lesserjoke, you were totally the tumblinguist leader when I started blogging, though I don’t see you doing as much ling stuff these days. Perhaps it’s more of a rotating position? :)

(I remember those days, too.)

oh man i feel like i am in no way the tumb ling leader, unofficial or otherwise. i nominate gretchen from a.t.l. for the job!


You’ve been officially nominated by Joe as Tumblingist leader!

nicolascageforthirteenthdoctor said: Link me to every linguistics-and-related blog you know, go, pls and thank.

Welp, there’s a bunch of linguists on Tumblr, which you can probably find by looking through the #tumblinguists tag. (lesserjoke is sort of, kind of like the unofficial leader of the Tumblinguists)

Blogs that are mainly ling-focused on Tumblr include:








Outside of Tumblr, two ling blogs come to mind:

Language Log

Language Hat

There are probably loads more, but these are what come to mind at the moment. Hope this helps!

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